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SERIES 1621 

TesPro's compression testing apparatus is a tabletop compression testing machine and data acquisition system, where tests are set up, performed, and test results recorded all with the input of a tablet computer and Bluetooth connection.

This machine is sized and configured to perform compressive properties testing on expanded polystyrene foam in accordance with the specifications of ASTM D1621 Standard Test Method for Compressive Properties of Rigid Cellular Plastics.

Test parameters are wirelessly uploaded to the testing machine.  This ensures that once begun, the test will execute and data will be recorded independently of the tablet or wireless connection.  

Observe real-time test data with graphs as data is automatically sent to the Tablet Computer.  Easily print test results by clicking on the print icon.


This calibrated, efficient system from TesPro Equipment can be configured to test a variety of sample sizes and materials which need to undergo compressive testing.

Compression testing machine ASTM D1621
Compression testing machine with test sample
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